Here at Inglenook we not only like to invest in our sites, but also our people – they are central to our success. Local people make ‘your’ local pivotal to the community. We would like to share a success story with you. 

Lauren Rhodes has been running the Black Bull in Dewsbury for 12 months now and has more than doubled sales. Only 22 years of age – she is Dewsbury born & bred and is proud to be part of the regeneration of the town and local businesses. The Black Bull is her first pub and she has created the best pub in Dewsbury – based on family ethics of hard work, commitment and fun! Her boyfriend’s mother is part of the team and they are the best of friends. 

Lauren recommended her friend Lisa Wood – who had run the Fleece in Horbury and Lauren had worked for her. Lisa had been out of the industry for a couple of years but was tempted back when we offered her the Prince of Wales, Newtown, Wigan and is doing a tremendous job. 

Lauren has now qualified for our Bounty Scheme – £500!!! – which is available to ALL our Operators. This is paid after the recommended applicant has run a pub to a good standard for 3 months. Win, win – its not just all about the balance sheet and profit, we appreciate that our company success is dependent on our individual people and realizing their individual potential.

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